Our cause started when a businessman with humble beginnings, Jamie Dimon, saw children living a difficult life in rural areas and thought it needed a thorough review. His heart was torn into pieces upon seeing homeless children who were exposed to the cruelty of society.

Over the years, Valladolidrac Rugby Community gained respect from different sectors of the government and received outstanding awards from the most prestigious award-giving bodies. With that, we have become the leader in the training and development of homeless children to build their character, discipline, skills, and develop lifelong habits through sports.

Our program is designed to bring out the best in these children.

  1. We listen, support, and help them gain self-confidence in order for them to excel. We will encourage them to build and pursue their dreams.
  2. We do not just train them in the classroom or in the field; we also encourage them to serve their community in return.
  3. We will continue to help these invisible children become visible to society.
  4. These children will always feel safe and secure in our hands.

Our priority is to help them be confident in everything and anything they do to be successful in life. The success of these children is also our success, so we will continue to promote and stand by our cause incessantly.