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Rugby Borrows from Basketball

Rugby is a fun-filled yet tough sport. It requires skill to aid you in scoring. According to 17 rebound, Having the proper skills can assist you in dodging your opponents and preventing them from getting to you. You also get to sprint across your adversaries’ side and score quickly.

There are diverse playing skills that cut across basketball and rugby. Both rugby and basketball involve catching and passing balls across players. This article highlights the various skills that rugby adopts from basketball. They include:

Racing skills

Usually, basketball players run around the field while passing a ball. Similar to rugby sports, players run past their opponent’s territory then place the ball on the ground. It would help if you were a fast runner to achieve numerous scores in both sports.

Having the proper shoes for each sport can also aid you in this aspect such as basketball shoes when playing basketball and rugby cleats for rugby.

Ball control skills

Both sports involve balls. It would help if you caught the ball to score. You, therefore, need to possess excellent ball control skills to beat your adversaries. The better you are at controlling the ball, the higher the scores you will achieve.

Coordination abilities

Passing and catching the ball is essential in both sports. In basketball, you need to see the ball and throw it in the hoop to score. You, therefore, need to coordinate between catching the ball, dodging your adversaries, and scoring.

In rugby, adversaries knock you over to get the ball. Consequently, you need to see them coming and guard the ball simultaneously. Hand-eye abilities are thus essential to enable you to dodge your opponent, preventing them from taking the ball.

Team cooperation skills

In basketball, you need to cooperate with your teammates to win the game. You need to know your teammates well. Consequently, you will tell who among them is the best to pass the ball in various situations.

Being a ball hog will not only tire you but also lead your team to lose. Therefore, you need to have excellent team cooperation skills if you are to make any scores. Team cooperation is also a perfect way of communicating with your mates during both rugby and basketball sports.

Concentration abilities

Passing and catching the ball requires maximum concentration. Your team stands a chance to lose if your opponent catches the ball. Good concentration skills are therefore essential in both rugby and basketball to help you win.

Good nimble skills

Basketball requires skills for vast responses when the other team is about to score or catch the ball. It would help if you countered all their attempts to get the ball to safeguard your win. Similarly, rugby players ought to possess fast thinking and acting skills.

The brutal shoving by opponents may make you lose balance or concentration. Good thinking skills will help you evade such kind of situations.

Visibility abilities

Quick movement during basketball playing requires good visibility skills in the field. The speed during shooting and catching the ball also needs maximum visual control to evade obstacles. In rugby, it will be simple for you to spot open teammates, then quickly pass the ball to them with good eyesight.


You will succeed in rugby playing if you possess the necessary basketball skills. The two sports have numerous similarities and borrow skills. It is easy to learn and perfect the skills by playing basketball since it is less tough than rugby.

Upon excelling in basketball, you will excel in rugby more effortlessly by borrowing the above skills.

Post Author: Shaun Mayer

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