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Rugby Games on the Planet

Rugby fans are receiving more attention from video game creators nowadays. According to, For quite a long time, there have only been a handful of playable games on the internet. We say “playable” because there are rugby games released online but did not hook many players due to many errors like the International Rugby Challenge in 1993.

Even today, finding credible rugby video games is a difficult task. However, to make this task easier for you, listed below are the best rugby games that you will surely enjoy.

2011’s Rugby World Cup (Xbox 360, Playstation 3)

RCWC is tagged as the most realistic rugby video game ever! The game was first introduced in 2008 but was only developed in 2011. It took a while though, but such innovation is truly worth it according to some rugby enthusiasts.

However, some rugby fans seem to be displeased with the graphics displayed in its final product in 2011. It’s considered a minor flaw, though, as the game is still loved by many.

Flick Rugby 16 (iOs, Android)

Don’t have a gaming console? Don’t fret because here’s another enjoyable rugby game you can play on your smartphone. Although it’s enjoyable, it’s not addicting. The game is easy to play as it only involves you attempting conversions and kicking the ball. Truly entertaining for both kids and adults.

Jonah Lomu Rugby (Sega Saturn, PC, Playstation One)

If you have been playing RCWC in 2008, then you have probably tried or at least become a fan of this video game. This was the first rugby game on computer games and still has loyal followers until now.

The passing system was so brilliant and the graphics are superb. The game also became more famous, crediting its success to the beautiful commentaries of the late Bill Mclaren and Bill Beaumont. Codemasters is hands-on in developing this game that this was featured as the best video game ever made.

NRL Mascot Mania (Nintendo DS)

Released in 2009, the game highlights the 16 mascots teamed with Oz’s National Rugby League. The games are so simple – you only need to collect playing cards by winning rugby over-the-top-battles and mini-games.

Rugby Star (iOs, Android, desktop)

Rugby Star is a video game that’s available not only for console gaming but for other platforms as well, allowing you to play it wherever you are. Thanks to online game innovations, you don’t need to stay at home to play video games.

If you are a fan of PC gaming, you’ll surely love this platform. Being upgraded to HTML5 format, this game is available through desktop and smartphone. It was built as an innovation of the 2015’s Rugby World Cup. With 50X jacks and more than 200x to win, there are indeed many winning opportunities in this game.


Rugby was under-represented throughout the years. A lot of sports games like soccer, basketball, football, and others were already introduced on the internet, but innovations for rugby games seem to be slow. Even so, you should not be discouraged as there are still some worthy rugby games that you can enjoy. Take, for instance, the list above!

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