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Initially, crossbow hunting was exclusively reserved for hunters. If you want you can find it here that not everyone was using crossbows in old days. However, recent changes in regulation in various states such as Wisconsin, Texas, and New York have changed the trend.

Today, crossbows are permitted for hunting games by any interested hunter. In some states, the use of crossbows is only permitted at specific locations or during particular seasons. Additionally, crossbow hunting is only permitted during the general firearm and archery seasons in some states.

The changes are good as they offer opportunities for new hunters, especially children, who would want to perfect their hunting skills. However, some hunters, especially bow hunters, are opposed to the changes as they believe that crossbows give hunters an additional advantage over compound or recurve bows.

Additionally, rugby players can succeed in using crossbows. The game of Rugby involves careful handling of the ball and aiming at the goalposts for proper conversion of the kicks. Similarly, a hunter using a crossbow is expected to handle and aim carefully at the target. Therefore, rugby players can also succeed in using crossbows since they are used to careful handling and aiming at the target.

Just like compound bows, crossbows have their pros and cons. Therefore, before you choose the weapon to purchase for hunting, you should first review its pros and cons. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of crossbows:


Requires Little Energy and Effort

Crossbow is advantageous when compared to the regular bow because once it is cocked; it does not require any effort or energy from the hunter to keep it at full draw.

The hunter is just required to squeeze the trigger after aiming and when ready to fire. This is ideal for use by disabled or young hunters as compared to the regular bow.

Aiming is Similar to a Rifle

Secondly, in crossbows, aiming is done in the same way as in a rifle. This makes it easier to shoot while seated or kneeling. This is not possible when using a compound bow.

Additionally, hunters can shoot from a rest which greatly improves precision and accuracy while shooting.

Can Be Used Together with Telescopic Sights

Telescopic sights work well with crossbows. Therefore hunters with prior experience on shotguns or rifle shooting can easily learn how to use crossbows.

Have Heavy Draw Weights

Crossbows are known to have very heavy draw weights. They have weights of about 100 pounds, and even close to 200 pounds in some cases, unlike compound bows that have maximum weights of about 80 pounds.

These weights increase the velocity of the flight which in turn leads to increased range effectiveness and flatter trajectories. The bolts will also hit harder on the animals.


Bigger and Heavier

The main disadvantage of crossbows is that they are heavier and larger compared to compound bows. They are therefore difficult to carry and use especially by children or young hunters.

Slow when Loading

Crossbows load at a slower rate than compound bows due to the heavy draw weights and the bulkiness. Therefore, they are not ideal when a hunter is taking a fast shot.

Louder than Compound Bows

They are louder than compound bows. The noise can make the target animal disappear and move out of the hunting “string.”

Final Thoughts

Hunting using crossbows is fun and ideal for disabled and young hunters. However, crossbow hunting has its advantages and disadvantages as discussed. Therefore, as a hunter, you should review the pros and cons of crossbow before purchase it for hunting.

Post Author: Shaun Mayer

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