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Sports in Shooting Targets

Shooting sports is a sports game played by professional individuals or by a group of people that contests the aptitude of accuracy, proficiency, speed, and precision in a shooting. Go to as it is considered as a form of creativity that highlights the use of different shooting materials – handguns, bows, etc. – in a selected distance and fixed range.

There are numerous categories of the sport, and it was classified per the equipment used, the range of the shooting area, target objects, speed, and time limitations. The event can either be done indoors or the open fields; however, in consideration that the area is isolated or purposely made for the event. The following are the recent shooting games that were known.

Using Guns

One of the shooting sports that most people are familiar with would be the gun-related shooting sport. Just by the name itself, this category focuses on using a variety of guns to mark targets. The most common guns that can be seen in competitions are handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Examples of gun-shooting sports are the following:

  • Bullseye Shooting

Utilize a bullseye to determine the accuracy and precision of the player. Bullseye shooting aims to hit the middle mark, or the ‘bullseye’, with consistency.

  • Terrain Shooting

This gun-shooting sport prioritize range and distance over accuracy. The players are expected to hit the targets in a mobile environment rather than a fixed interval.

  • Target Shooting

Just by only hitting a moving target in a static position. The target materials are mechanically thrown out, and the players are expected to hit it in a certain amount of time.

Using Bows

Before guns were invented, bows and arrows are used as the material for target shooting. It is known for its formal name as Archery. The typical gameplay of this sport is to use a bow or crossbow to hit a target that can either be bullseye or a moving object.

Using Darts

Another shooting material is dart. There are two styles to play this sport, the field style, and the long-distance target shooting. The field style is done by making a run from the starting point then throws the target once the player reaches the target lane. If the player were able to make a hit, it will then retrieve the dart from the target and will proceed on going to the next target. Long-distance target shooting is the typical dart game where the player will stand in a certain distance and throw the dart towards a bullseye. Usually, players are given three darts for this play.

Confrontational Target Shooting

With the lethality of using guns and bows, technology created a non-lethal game where players use less harmful shooting materials like using infrared in lasers or just simply paintballs on airguns. This is often played in a playful environment, though recently, this game is becoming a sport for shooting enthusiasts.

The origin of shooting sports can be traced back into the fifth century in Switzerland, where it was considered as leisure activity usually done by upper-class society and participated mostly by men. In the year 1860, the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom was established that conducted a fundraising event to encourage volunteers to join. The sport then undergoes gradual changes that permitted the standard class people and women to enter the competition. As of now, the presence of shooting sports in the Olympics, World Championships, and Paralympics had become one of the most awaited events.

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