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American Football and Rugby

Sports have proven to be more than just activities for physical and mental recreation. According to the, it brings people together — be it in the competition itself, in cheering for teams, or even with just watching these activities.

Of all the most famous game of sports there are, you can find American football to be on top, followed by cricket, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, baseball, etc.

American football tends to have a lot of fans worldwide, boasting around a total of 4 billion fans. However, one thing that seemed to confuse sports fans is the sport’s likeliness to the game of rugby. In case you’re wondering, rugby has almost the mechanics: full body contact, holding the ball in hand, and tackles!

However, there are a number of key differences between these sports. We’ll address that issue here.

Game Fundamentals

Since both are team sports, the main aim is to obtain a higher score than the opposing team. The objective of American football is to touchdown the ball to the opponents’ touchline by kicking between posts. Meanwhile, the rugby’s objective is to carry the ball behind the touchline where players can also score through a penalty kick on certain situations.

Both games value physical strength and team tactics. Although the one with more bodily aggression required goes to rugby. This is most likely because the players on this game wear lesser gears and use lesser protective equipment than that of American football players.

Fame Level

American football tends to be played more frequently in the US than any other parts of the world. This is maybe because it is where the game was founded and is where the game is acknowledged for local competitions.

Rugby, on the other hand, is played more in different countries. The game was founded in England and started spreading throughout the whole Europe. Later on, it has been renowned and played at international competitions all over the world.

Field and Equipment

Both balls used in the two games look very similar. In actuality, however, rugby balls are smaller. Rugby balls measure 27 cm in length while balls used in American football are 28 cm long. In terms of weight, rugby balls weigh a pound while the balls used in American football weigh lesser.

In rugby, a team would consist of fifteen players while for American football, they only need eleven players.

When it comes to the playing field, American football fields are narrower. There is approximately a 10-meter difference between the two fields.

For protective equipment, rugby athletes tend to wear lesser gears than American football players. Rugby players often play only with a gum shield. American football players, on the other hand, uses a lot of protective gears and equipment such as a full-body suit with chest, shoulder pads, helmet, leg protectors, and a gum shield.

Hopefully, the aforementioned statements pointed out the differences between the two. The two games, in spite of their differences, both have the same goal — to measure physical strength, bodily aggression, and teamwork.

Post Author: Shaun Mayer

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