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Rugby Players Driving The CBD Market

Countries all over the world are slowly accepting the benefits of CBD oil and are passing laws legalizing the product. The United Kingdom legalized CBD in 2016. Since then, many British citizens have set up shops that deal with CBD products. You can get more information about CBD on official Gtvok.

Seizing the new craze, two rugby players joined the CBD business in January 2018 by opening a CBD store known as fourfivecbd. George Kruis, an England rugby player, and Dom Day, a former wales rugby player, formed a partnership to launch fourfivecbd which has already released its first products into the market. Their products include a product that contains zero percent CBD.

Why Start a CBD business?

You might wonder why two equally successful rugby players decided to join hands and start a CBD business. Statistics show that the CBD industry is growing fast and the returns are heavy. The CBD market is generating about 50 million pounds every year in the UK. Forecasting reports indicate that the market will increase by 700 percent by the year 2020.

Kruis said that they saw an opportunity and decided to create a product by athletes for athletes. He adds that the business is a retirement plan for when their rugby careers come to an end.

The business idea was born in the changing rooms when several teammates were discussing the benefits of CBD oil. Both Kruis and Day have suffered several injuries during their careers, and this made them think about alternative therapies, especially natural therapies.

Throughout their 20-year career, Day and Kruis have had surgeries at least 12 times. They carried out some research and decided to try CBD therapy. Day says that they noticed that CBD helped reduce several symptoms and made the recovery much easier. The success and first-hand experience of the benefits of CBD pushed them to dive into the CBD business.

Furthermore, the demand for CBD products by pro-athletes, nutritionists, and even coaches was growing. Many are, however, not confident on the provenance of the CBD products available in the market. Kruis and Day provide products fellow athletes can trust.

Business Experiences

Fourfivecbd supplies a variety of products including full-spectrum products suitable for athletes that are not subjected to drug tests and broad-spectrum (contains zero percent THC) suited for people who are subjected to drug tests.

Starting the business was a little challenging since they could not find a bank and a payment system considering the notions surrounding hemp products. The two also lacked skills which are critical in making business decisions. Mixing business and the playing career is also difficult to manage.

The rugby players’ CBD business has so far been self-funded, but they are looking forward to securing an investment that will boost their business. They are planning to expand the business into a wholesale store in the next 12 months.

The business is growing fast, and it is about to hit the one-million-pound turnover by the end of 2019. Day and Kruis are also planning to broaden into general sports and active lifestyle markets.

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