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American Football and Rugby

The Difference Between American Football and Rugby

Sports have proven to be more than just activities for physical and mental recreation. According to the, it brings people together — be it in the competition itself, in cheering for teams, or even with just watching these activities.
Of all the most famous game of sports there are, you can find American football to be on top, followed by cricket, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, baseball, etc.
American football tends to have a lot of fans worldwide, boasting around a total of …

Rugby Players Driving The CBD Market

Rugby Players Driving The CBD Market in The Sports Industry

Countries all over the world are slowly accepting the benefits of CBD oil and are passing laws legalizing the product. The United Kingdom legalized CBD in 2016. Since then, many British citizens have set up shops that deal with CBD products. You can get more information about CBD on official Gtvok.
Seizing the new craze, two rugby players joined the CBD business in January 2018 by opening a CBD store known as fourfivecbd. George Kruis, an England rugby player, and Dom Day, a former wales rugby player, formed a partnership to launch …