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Swim Make You a Better Rugby Player

Learning how to swim in private swimming lessons Singapore will undoubtedly make you a better rugby player. There are several benefits of a rugby player engaging in swimming as part of their fitness training program. If you do not know how to swim, it is probably high time you take swimming lessons and enjoy the benefits of a swimmer as a rugby player.

Recovery from Injuries

As a rugby player, you are likely to encounter injuries at any time of playing. In such instances, it will be challenging to engage in some intense activities such as running.

Swimming provides benefits that are similar to other physical exercises such as running but without straining the body. It will offer the much need exercise and at the same time, give your injury time to heal without worsening the already injured parts.

While running, the impact on the ground stresses the joints, but in swimming, the water holds your weight, putting the joints under less pressure.

In case you have sores or strained joints, therapeutic full body workout could be recommended, and swimming becomes an excellent idea. Coldwater swimming assists in reducing inflammations. It is essential to enroll in swimming lessons when you are still in good shape since they will be instrumental while recovering from injuries.


Although it does not work well like yoga or pilates, swimming remains a great way of enhancing your flexibility. It is an excellent substitute for yoga and pilates. If you don’t like these activities or you want to change your routine training, swimming is an excellent idea.

Swimming involves numerous strokes during the motions made to move the body in water. This assists in lengthening your body in all directions, subsequently increasing your flexibility. The flexibility will assist you to get low while engaging scrums without picking back injuries. It will also help in resisting injuries from pulled muscles.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Swimming is an excellent activity to improve and maintain cardiovascular fitness. Swimmers have been described as peoples with large lung capacity in the sporting world. Although as a rugby player you are likely to be fit, swimming will be essential to maintain your cardiovascular fitness during injury recovery and off season.


Swimming offers a wide range of benefits to your fitness as a rugby player. It can be used for both anaerobic and aerobic training. It also enhances the entire body with emphasis on the shoulders, chest, and back.

In regular training, this might require several practices. Different strokes and drills can also be used targeting specific muscles. For example, breaststroke is an effective swimming style to strengthen the upper back. You can also isolate your lower body by engaging in kickboard and slipping on fins.


Swimming is an activity mainly associated with leisure but as a rugby player, you can immensely benefit from swimming. It is essential to take some swimming lessons to enhance your skills in the pool and tap on this less intense but beneficial activity.

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