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Mums with Rugby Playing Kids

Autumn is the time for kids to go outside to check out different types of outdoor activities. It is the time when kids leave their gadgets to try some sports activities such as rugby. Rugby is the sport that is perfect for this type of season.

While it can be physically demanding, the values it teaches such as teamwork, unity, respect, discipline, and sportsmanship will be helpful in developing your children’s ethics and abilities.

As a mother, you need to be there for your children when they play the sport of rugby. At times, it can be challenging with the cold and the mud and the early morning call-up for the game. It can be difficult waiting from the touchlines or from waiting for the game to conclude.

For all rugby mums out there, our tips below will help you in making your life easier while attending rugby games with your kids.

Warm and Waterproof

With this type of season, you need to prepare warm and waterproof clothes and shoes. Waiting for your kids can be very difficult with the cold weather. While your kid is running around and enjoying the game, you need to keep yourself warm while waiting. Therefore, warm and waterproof clothing and shoes can be very helpful.

Bring your Social Game

Waiting for your child to finish the game can be very boring. What you can do is develop a bond and friendship with the parents of your child’s teammate. Chatting and talking with them will definitely help in passing the time very quickly. Creating a connection will also be valuable in the future in case you need help if you are unable to accompany your child due to unavoidable circumstances.

Coffee is Your Best Friend

Another way to reduce the boredom while waiting for the game is to bring with you a good thermos flask and treat yourself a nice coffee. The waiting time can be dull and monotonous, and your coffee will be your best friend during this time. You can even upgrade your coffee and bring some special homemade soup with you just to keep you warm and not bored.

Plastic Bags Are Important

Bringing plastic bags while attending the game will be very helpful to you. These items can be used in covering your car seat once your muddy kid sits on the car on your way home. During wet days, it is understandable that your kid gets wet and muddy. Your plastic bags will be your container for the muddy boots and even the whole rugby kit. Don’t forget to bring these important items and bring a lot of it.


Accompanying your kid during a rugby game can be very hard and boring. Fortunately, our tips above will make your life easier and will let you maximize your time while waiting for the game to finish.

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