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Rugby is played with two teams, each consists of fifteen players. The game may sound simple, but there is complexity behind it. The goal of the game is to bring the ball over to the opponents’ goal. Here is the catch in order to move forward, the ball should be passed backwards. A player is allowed to kick the ball forward, but the team members must be behind the ball at that instance when the ball is kicked.

This contradiction is where teamwork takes place.  Only through teamwork can the team achieve its goals. Each player achieves their goal so the entire team can win.

A referee controls the game with the help of two judges. The game has no time outs, but the referee can allow time outs depending on the need. The referee can allow a minute of time out if a player is injured. He will then decide if the player can continue.

The players begin the game with a kickoff from the center of the field. The players will move forward towards the goal while passing the ball backwards. Each team will take every opportunity to score and win the game. The team with a higher score wins.

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