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Safety Reminders

Before playing rugby, please note that you have to be physically and mentally fit. The game is highly physical, and it is your utmost need to be physically and mentally fit.


Rugby is a popular game wherein the goal is to bring the ball to the opponents’ goal line, then direct it to the ground score to get points.


Try: 5 points

Try is given if the team is able to hit the goal.

Penalty: 3 points

A penalty try can be given if the player would have scored Try but fouled by the opposition.

Conversion: 2 points

If the team scores a Try, they can attempt to add two points by kicking the ball over the crossbar and between the posts from a place in line with where the try was scored.

Drop goal -:3 points

A drop goal is scored when the player kicks for goal in open play. The player should drop the ball onto the ground and kick it on the half-volley.


  1. A sturdy pair of boots with studs or cleats.
  2. Mouthguard
  3. Head guard


If a player does not pass the ball to a teammate or cannot run with it, the player may kick the ball instead. The kick should travel forward, but any teammates in front of the ball at the moment the ball is kicked are out of play.


Only the ball holder can be tackled by the opposing player. A tackle can happen when the player carrying the ball is held by one or more opponents and is brought to the ground.


A ruck occurs when the ball is on the ground and is surrounded by one or multiple players from both teams where their feet are close to the ball.


A maul happens if the ball holder is being cornered by one or multiple opponents while one or multiple teammates also binds or joins in.

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