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The coach plays an important role in the team; the coach needs to be flexible and adaptable because the role of the coach varies depending on the team’s needs.

The coach is responsible for developing players. He should always be on the lookout for a child’s potential. They develop players technically and physically.

At an international level, the coach is responsible for selecting the best players to represent the team and the country. The couch must strategically choose players based on the skills and talent showed by the player.

The coach will be a teacher who will instill the basics of the game and follow through on the things that each player learned. The youth that is currently in the hands of the coaches are the next generation of players. He will instill team spirit amongst the team members. This is important because it helps the players have fun while aiming to win.

The coach can also be a manager who will decide what is good and bad for the team. The coach should foresee the flow of the game and think of strategic and tactical ways of winning.

He can also be an organizer who makes sure that the team’s well being and safety comes first.

Becoming a coach is not easy; it is a big responsibility. You will help others build their dreams and succeed. Being able to help the team succeed comes with fulfilment. The joy and happiness brought to by being able to help others are precious.

Post Author: Norman Green

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